Basecamp in the Press

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"Travelers tend to encounter bunk beds only in a select few places: youth hostels, vacation homes, perhaps the occasional quirky flophouse hotel. A lodging establishment with bunks could be expected to be dated and grungy — shag rug, wood-panel walls, old mattresses, a funky must in the air. Not so anymore..."

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"If Wes Anderson had filmed Moonrise Kingdom in Tahoe—or if Smokey the Bear needed to pamper himself for a few days—he would have stayed here. As the name implies, it’s a sort of wilderness HQ with easy access to mountain biking, golfing or stand-up paddleboarding in the lake this summer, and then skiing and boarding come winter..."


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"Basecamp Hotel is an innovative new hotel concept in South Lake Tahoe, built for people with adventurous spirits who enjoy the outdoors. Much like its name, the 50 guestroom hotel is designed as a base from which travelers can explore the surrounding areas..."

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"and suddenly california's lake tahoe fits right in the list of cool superfuture travel destinations. practically on the southern shores of the expansive freshwater lake, a tempting new hotel opened its doors that gets the thumbs up from travelers that like their outdoors with a hint of style..."

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New York Times

"Hotels for adventure travelers don’t tend toward the stylish. Enter Basecamp, a new property in the town of South Lake Tahoe, Calif., which opened in June. The concept? To embody the spirit of a traditional base camp — where mountaineers swap equipment, advice and war stories before expeditions — with a modern, eco-chic touch..."

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"A frightfully good-looking hotel concept that takes the ultra-hip vintage stylings of Ace Hotels, smashes it together with some pioneer-spirit-cool, drips it with a slick minimalist colour palette and serves it all up to adventurers who know better..."

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"Kids will go nuts for this hip, affordable, inn-like spot in South Lake Tahoe, and for good reason: You'll find forest wallpaper, fake campfires, tented beds, Coleman-style lanterns, steel bunk beds and… Xboxes."

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"Located at an elevation of 6,226 feet where you can immerse yourself in the beautiful outdoors: the lakes, trails and scenic mountains; a rooftop hot-tub with views of the mountain, two fire pits to share stories and roast your s'mores and a bar serving gourmet hot chocolate and local brews"